Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

Are you a gaming geek who is in pursuit of suitable accessories to enhance your experience in the virtual reality realm? Virtual reality is turning out to be the most rapidly growing field in modern times and the number of active users is multiplying by leaps and bounds. In these conditions, the need for a quality headset is more than required.

To help you get your hands on suitable gaming headphones we have compiled this review article on the best Open Back headphones for gaming. Here you can have a look into the best quality headphones that will be more than enough to enhance your VR experience and team performance.

If you are in a rush to miss out on reading our article till the end go through our top pick to have the best bang for your bucks. Philips SHP9500 is the right contender for this top pick spot based on its HIFI stereo audio and over the ear design. It is a wired headset with a 1.5m cable and neodymium drivers.

Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

If you are curious about the features and technical specs of the top pick or searching for other suitable options then go through the following gaming headphones to determine the best product for you. Following eight headphones are considered as the best open-back headphones for gaming.


Philips SHP9500

Pros & Cons

  • Balanced sound profile
  • Immersive sound quality
  • Spacious padded ear cups
  • Neutral sound performance
  • Fabric padding
  • Bulky

Phillips is a popular brand that is well acknowledged for its household electronic appliances. Many of their products are frequently encountered in common households to elite houses such as monitors, TV screens, cameras, LED lights, and so on. This headphone set for gaming is an exception to their manufacturing legacy and has a solid customer base beneath it.


This gaming headphone is coming with a wired design along with the short 1/5mm power cord which is not detachable. This wired gaming headphone is known for its immersive sound and high bass which is a desired feature among headphones particularly those designed for gaming. Its open-back construction with over-ear design produces a high profile audio device liked by everyone.

This is an affordable product and is considered the best budget pick for best open-back headphones for gaming. It has roomy ear pads that provide it cozy and comfortable wearing throughout the day. These headphones are offering high-quality sound which makes them best for a variety of sound content.

The design is very slim and sleek making it a lightweight and premium model coming with neutral sound and an immersive soundstage. The only downside of this product is its fabric padding of ear cusps or pads. This fabric padding gives a plasticky feel which is very easy to wear down quickly. Therefore the ear cups are more prone to wearing down the safety pads and make the product a little less comfortable.


This Phillips open back gaming headphone is a very quality option that is offering you high-end premium audio with a well-balanced audio profile. It has a medium-range base and leads to an immersive VR experience.

Samson Technologies SR850

Pros & Cons

  • Gold plated adapter
  • Long cable
  • Quality sound reproduction
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Soft ear pads
  • No noise cancellation
  • Lack of microphones

Samson technology is the attest manufacturing firm that is flying high in the market for its innovative and high-tech appliances of which audio devices are the prime products. Their gaming headphones are one of the leading items in gaming accessories and are considered highly reliable and durable options.


This gaming headphone is coming with a gold plated power adapter to yield a high-end sound of the finest quality that makes the users spellbind by the immersive experience.  It has 50 mm propriety drivers and produces a sound frequency of the range of 10 to 30 kilohertz. The sound sensitivity level of these headphones is 98 decibel.

It is an affordable product that is coming at an inexpensive price tag ad will not cost very heavily on the pocket of potential buyers. Its .3mm adapters and 3.5mm audio jack are some of the necessary specs that enhances the users’ experience and make them a worthy choice,

These gaming headphones have velour ear pads inside their ear cups that make it an extremely comfortable headset that can be kept on the ear for a long period without any strain on the ears or head. This is because it is a very lightweight and cozy product that is simple and comfortable to use.


This decent and fancy looking gaming headphone is a powerful product that has 50mm propriety drivers and produce high bass which has crisp and clear high-frequency audio. It is a highly cushioned and comfortable model which very lightweight and premium to use with your gaming devices.

EPOS I Sennheiser

Pros & Cons

  • Detachable cable
  • Metal hinges
  • Noise cancellation
  • Lift to mute
  • Volume controller
  • Not very comfortable

Sennheiser is the most frequently encountered lineup of audio devices among the masses be it for gaming accessories or any other day-to-day use. Sennheiser products are highly demanded and desired by users and have achieved positive reviews by the critiques. This hype and market demand are all due to the affordable price tag and high-end premium features that produce fine quality sound.


This is a noise-canceling Open Back gaming headphone which is coming with a detachable microphone and a corded headset. It has a high-frequency sound with a sensitivity of 107 decibels. This headphone has an impendence value of 280 ohms and a sound sensitivity of 105 decibels.

This 105 decibel sound sensitivity is one of the highest among the gaming headphones and is very desirable for noisy or high ambient sound surroundings. To keep the ambient sound from entering the ear cups, this headphone has immersive sound reduction technology that is noise cancellation technology.

This noise cancellation technology is a premium feature in most modern-day headphones and audio devices. This is because most of the users these days want to get rid of the external audio and have a full focus diverted towards the virtual world.

The most praiseworthy feature of this headset is its volume control menu which is at the side of the ear cups and users can easily lower or raise the sound level with other necessary menus and settings. One distinguishing feature of this model is its flip to mute feature which allows the users to mute the sound level by flipping the microphone.


This gaming headset is a bulky yet suitable product that will provide you an effective gaming experience. Its immersive sound quality and noise cancellation will be a perfect combo for virtual reality games.

Sennheiser HD 599

Pros & Cons

  • Large ear cups
  • Removable ear pads
  • Detachable cable
  • Best in sound reproduction
  • Lightweight and premium design
  • Don’t have noise reduction
  • Lack of microphone

For all those users who are looking for something more affordable and inexpensive from the Sennheiser lineup then there are plenty of budget options that are coming at very cheap prices. Their low budget expression doesn’t limit their sound quality or diminish their audio performance. These are highly reliable products and are considered dependable for gaming experiences.


This Sennheiser model is offering large ear cups that are designed as highly ventilated and cushioned ear cups that can be kept on the ears for a whole day without experiencing any stress or strain. This is all because these headphones are very comfortable to wear and are lightweight enough to not put any stress over the heads of users.

These earpads are although added for enhancing the comfort level, yet some users prefer to use ear cups without padding or cushions. Therefore Sennheiser has taken into consideration their demands and launched the removable ear pads. This means that you can insert or remove the ear pads over-ear cups whenever you like them to be.

For retaining the comfort level and the premium using by the hardcore gamers throughout the day, Sennheiser has retained the lightweight nature of these headsets. The only downside of the headphones is that it doesn’t have a noise cancellation technology and is also short of a microphone added into its features base.


This headphone is offering uses a premium gaming experience with its large ear cups with padding and cushion to yield a comfortable screen time. It has quality sound reproduction and a detachable microphone but lacks ambient noise reduction technology.

Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality sound reproduction
  • Noise cancellation
  • Inline remote control
  • Volume controls
  • Lightweight and fancy
  • The cable is not detachable
  • The wire cannot be braided

Audio technical is the pioneer brand in the audio and sound devices which has a whole plethora of bestselling products and their expertise is nowadays more inclined towards record playing and vinyl collections. This brand is world-famous for its audio quality products which have created a strong hype in the market.


This is a highly dedicated headset that is particularly built for gaming enthusiasts who are in pursuit of coordinating and improving their team performance in the virtual world. Virtual gaming is all about immersing yourself in the virtual world and feeling a part of your avatar to knock down your enemies and have a solid ground for yourself.

Well, immersive sound is only possible if your headphones have quality sound drivers onboard which are good enough to reproduce the high-quality sound. This gaming headphone has 53mm Frank Klepacki driers which give it the best in class sound reproduction and thus these headphones are one of the best for high-end gaming.

It has a unique wing supporting design which is not only added for increasing the visual appealing of the headset but also for improving the comfort level of the product. This is because comfort is the prerequisite for the gamers as they have to wear the item for a long time or rather throughout the day.


This audio technical gaming headphone is a perfect choice for all those high-end gamers who are looking for the best open-back headphone coming without a mood mic. This is a high-quality noise-reducing headphone that has the expertise of producing the best quality sound.

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X

Pros & Cons

  • Sound tweaking
  • Microphone
  • Neutral sound reproduction
  • Locational accuracy
  • Audiophile drivers
  • Clear ambiance

  • The cord is not detachable

Massdrop is a spin-off of the Sennheiser audio series which are not only placed at cost-effective price tags but are also very well equipped with the high-end features to hold a solid place among the customers and critiques. This model is coming under the trademark of PC37X and has a range of audio devices widely acknowledged by the users and launched under its banner.


This gaming headset is demanding a lot more than the high bass and quality sound reproduction, this is because virtual gaming is a whole lot more complex than reality and it requires you to have your senses enhanced than usual. Your sound perception and visual distinction will be synonymous with your victories.

Therefore the gaming headphones must be having enough perception to tell you what type of sound is coming out of their ear cups and from where it is coming. This capability is called location accuracy and is a rare feature in most budget-friendly headphones suitable for gaming.

But Sennheiser has broken the stereotypes and launched their locational accuracy headset with noise cancellation technology and audiophile drivers. All of these features add on to produce a high-quality sound level that is the heart of any audio device.


This wired gaming headphone is a high-quality sound-producing device that is known for its easy volume controls and noise cancellation technology. This wired product has a permanently attached power cable which is not detachable.

Sennheiser HD 800 S

Pros & Cons

  • Ring transducers
  • Innovative noise absorption technology
  • Unique design
  • 4mm Pentacon cable
  • Not very soft and comfortable

This is another immensely popular audio device coming under the auspices of the Sennheiser brand. This model is coming with innovative sound technologies that make it have the finest audio quality. It is a corded product which is offering wired connectivity and makes it possible for the users to have a swift gaming action.


This fancy-looking hard-core gaming headphone is coming with a unique design that gives glimpses of a high-end product. The first look of the product is enough to let the users have an idea about a heavy-duty gaming device.

For this single reason, this gaming headphone is more popular among gamers and is less likely to be seen with ordinary users looking for a cinematic experience or any other use. This is an on-ear headphone with an open back design and has innovative sound absorption technology.

This sound absorption technology provides the ability to absorb the ambient sound or the low decibel sound waves and make them reverse amplified to convert into inaudible waves. In this way, the noise will be absorbed and only high frequency or desired sound will be coming out of the ear cups.


For all those users who are prone to heavy noise in their surroundings yet are looking forward to immersive and focused gameplay. This immersive experience is provided by the noise absorbing headphones which will reduce the surrounding noise.

Koss GMR-545-AIR

Pros & Cons

  • 3D construction
  • Detachable corded
  • Corded microphone
  • Lightweight and fitting
  • Custom acoustics
  • Lack noise cancellation

For all those users who are looking for something inexpensive yet efficient Koss GMR AIR model is a very wise choice. This gaming headphone is one of the finest products in our selection of best open-back headphones for gaming. For knowing more about the product in detail have a look at its features and specs in detail.


This 3D gaming headphone is designed in a trendy and fancy-looking design which is widely accepted by gamers all across the globe. It is a wired headset that has a detachable cord which makes it comfortable for both home gaming or gaming at your friends’ dorm.

This means that it can be converted into a travel-friendly device as well as a wired product for in place use. This is an extremely lightweight product that can be carried away anywhere with ease and can be wear throughout the day irrespective of the worries of ay digital stress or strain.

The bottom line of the product is its noise cancellation technology which is an important feature to be included in gaming headphones and all other audio devices. This model has a detachable microphone which is undoubtedly a pleasant feature. In this way, users can enjoy the goodness of both the products having a microphone or lacking it.


This heavy-duty headphone for gaming is an expansive product that is offering the goodness of an Open Back design and enhanced stereo audio. It is perfect for virtual reality and console gaming due to its flexible connectivity and multi-device compatibility.


Buyer Guide:             Things to look for in the Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

As we all know that the market is never short of choices and so is the case with gaming headphones. There are plenty of good gaming brands that claim to produce the best gaming headphones but to sort out the genuine ones from the forged ones and find out the efficient and effective models, you must be aware of the must-have features in the gaming headphones.

This is a rigorous task to hunt for necessary features but to make it easier for you, we have compiled this buying guide where you can find out the things that ought to be looked upon before the purchase of a good gaming headphone.


Connectivity is a prerequisite for determining the worth of gaming headphones. Many gaming headsets are available as wired and many are wireless sets. Well, the usual notion of the users is to go with wireless ones but considering the fast-paced gaming battlefields, wired products are a better choice. This is because wired gaming headphones will be quick in action and thus complement the sift gaming action.

Well, there a few flexible options available in the market which offer both wired and wireless connectivity and deserve to be given a try as they can offer you the pros of both technologies and save you bucks by offering you the goodness of two products in a single item.


A microphone is also a valuable tool for the headsets. Many headphones have an inbuilt microphone and they don’t have to attach it externally.  But for a pleasant gaming experience, you need to have a detachable microphone that can be utilized whenever the need arise and removed when it is not required.

Noise Reduction

Noise cancellation is the modern technology that is at the heart of modern-day headphones. Most of the fine quality products are introducing this technology as a must and therefore you ought to look for gaming headphones that have inbuilt sound cancellation technology to reduce the ambient noise.


Are open-back headphones better for gaming?

Open Back Headphones are way too better for gaming than other competitors in the said field. This is because they are more comfortable and more popular among high-end gaming enthusiasts. These headphones tend to produce natural sound with enhanced stereo imaging.

Do open-back headphones sound better?

Yes, for sure, Open Back headphones sound better due to their better stereo imaging and natural sound production. These headphones don’t produce any echo and you won’t be hearing any noise inside your ear cups.

Should I get open-back or closed-back headphones?

The answer is definitely, Open Back headphones since they are a better option than closed-back ones. This is because they are comparatively more comfortable and don’t leak out the sound which is the most common downside of closed-back headphones.

Are open-back headphones noise Cancelling?

Yes, many open-back headphones are offering noise cancellation or noise reduction technology which wipe out the ambient sound to let you focus on the internal sound. But not all the open back headsets are noise canceling, therefore you have to carefully roll out the possibilities.

What headphones have the best sound quality?

Sony headphones are generally considered as best sound quality headsets. Sony boss noise canceling 700 series models are all worthy to be considered as the best one in market.  While many others like Philips SHP9500 and master Dynamics MV65 are considered as some of the fines quality headphones.


This review article has provided you a detailed analysis of the Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming that are suitable for gaming and have reasonably the best sound quality. All of these models have their benefits and are cost-effective to give you the best bang for your bucks.

After going through this review, you are in a much better position to determine the best product and have your favorite features included in it. We have also tried to resolve your queries in the FAQs section and a comprehensive buying guide is included as well, for giving glimpses of must-have features in the gaming headphones.


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